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What they're saying about Joe

  • "Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitian deserves kudos..." (5/22/17) 
  • "Simitian has a reputation for being fiscally responsible...Simitian also stands for government accountability." (4/12/16)
  • "The proposal by Santa Clara County Supervisor Joe Simitian to help preserve those 100 homes for low-income families (at the Buena Vista Mobile Home Park) is practical, humane, and wise." (1/26/15)
  • "Simitian has been recognized as one of the most effective legislators in Sacramento." (5/25/12)
  • "He has a long record as a voice of fiscal sanity..." (5/25/12)
  • "(Simitian’s) intellect and political skills are particularly suited to the deliberative state Senate, where he has skillfully guided a wide range of causes from texting while driving to kindergarten readiness and renewable energy." (5/25/12)
  • "It won't be easy replacing Simitian in the Senate . . ." (5/16/12)
  • ". . . the state’s education policy savant." (12/18/11)
  • ". . . known for his far-reaching proposals (and) his brainy persona. . . Simitian. . . has carved a rare niche in a Capitol where politics almost always matter more than ideas. . . . Even as an education lobbyist opposed one of his bills at a hearing last week she stated: ‘We really want to commend Senator Simitian for being a man ahead of his time.’ " (7/1/08)
  • "…Simitian . . . is regarded as one of the brighter bulbs in the Legislature." (9/16/07)
  • "...recently voted... one of the most effective legislators in California" (9/25/06)
  • "Exceptional." (2/26/04)
  • "...intelligent, savvy, articulate." (2/22/04)
  • "...stellar... exceptionally able..." "[An] independent thinker... likely to swim against the current if necessary." (2/20/04)
  • "...brainy... issue-oriented... big on education and the environment..." (2/3/04)
  • " effective legislator..." (10/22/02)
  • "Simitian has been a diligent and creative legislator. He's realistic about the state budget and attentive to his district." (10/22/02)
  • "Joe Simitian (is) one of the clearest-thinking, best prepared candidates of our acquaintance." (11/5/00)
  • "…a creative and independent thinker…in the top rank of candidates…" (10/20/00)
  • "With supervisor Joe Simitian stepping down to run for the state Assembly, Santa Clara County’s board is losing its best analytical mind. Simitian, a maverick, will be a tough act to follow." (2/6/00)
  • "Simitian is a proponent of more conservative fiscal management..." (6/12/98)
  • "Simitian... is a quick study." (9/23/96)
  • "Simitian... strikes us as the brightest and best educated of all this year's county candidates." (3/3/96)
  • "As Palo Alto’s Mayor for the past year, Joe Simitian hasn’t been the type to grab headlines with glitzy proposals or cheap shots at opponents. Instead, he has focused on making government work well." (1/8/96)
  • "Good ideas and the wherewithal to pursue them…" (10/22/91)

  • "A...politician who doesn't act like one..." (2/7/10)
  • "Mr. Simitian is serious about public policy and is something of a maverick. He is willing, on occasion, to offend powerful interest groups... Last year alone, Mr. Simitian was the author of prominent legislation on education reform, water policy and renewable energy..." (2/7/10)
  • "Year after year, he seems to be in the middle of the action on the capital's most important legislation." (2/7/10)
  • "...a key player..." (10/18/09)
  • "...influential..." (9/17/09)


  • ". . .a paragon of civil discourse. . ." (8/27/11)
  • "A legislator who is known for turning constituent ideas into state laws. . ." (9/13/10)
  • "Credit Sen. Joe Simitian, D-Palo Alto, for his efforts in overcoming resistance by some telecom companies to push this potentially life-saving issue." (1/1/08)
  • " advocate for seniors." (5/31/05)
  • "...highly capable, hard working... Simitian... has proved a quick study in Sacramento." (2/15/04)
  • "Thirty-eight acres of coastal bluffs in Half Moon Bay have been spared from development and will remain open space…State Assemblyman Joe Simitian (D-Palo Alto) led the fight to preserve the area…" (11/2/01)
  • "Supervisor Joe Simitian…has tried to ensure that his board hears from all sides…" (5/24/99)
  • "Joe Simitian will tackle the county’s budget shortfall and help solve the problems plaguing public schools." (10/29/96)

  • ​"Simitian deserves accolades​..." (06/17/16)
  • ​"Not your average Joe... indefatigable and independent..." (1/19/05)​
  • "Joe Simitian has served the region with distinction..." (2/25/04)
  • "...highly regarded..." (1/21/04)
  • "He’s incisive, innovative and a quick study…(with) strong leadership, problem-solving and communication skills." (11/1/00)
  • "...long track records of outstanding services to the local community, great influence and respect among their colleagues and a commitment to bipartisanship." (11/1/00)
  • "Simitian has demonstrated his constant vigilance on budget-balancing and cost-saving issues…Most importantly, Simitian has demonstrated his ability to think creatively to come up with innovative approaches to old problems…" (3/20/96)
  • "A model school board member…a true leader…a no-nonsense elected official who wants…to deal with the important issues…" (10/30/91)
  • "Effective and hardworking...a sound, thoughtful approach...always well prepared and willing to listen..." (10/28/87)


  • "As a legislator, Simitian has been extremely active and has managed to parlay many of the issues dear to his constituents into laws. . . . he has shown persistence and the fortitude to press ahead despite setbacks . . ." (6/2/12)
  • "Simitian has been responsive to constituents and frequently holds town hall meetings throughout his district, unlike some lawmakers who get comfortable in Sacramento. . ." (6/2/12)
  • ". . .experience, accessibility and (a) track record of delivering results." (6/2/12)
  • "Simitian deserves praise for his perseverance..." (9/26/06)
  • "Readers' Choice... Favorite local politician." (8/17/05)
  • "To his credit, Simitian... can work with Republicans." (10/30/04)
  • "Thoroughly knowledgeable on the issues... effective -- both for the little guy and on big policy issues." (2/27/04)
  • "He's written legislation that is being copied nationally. He's not afraid to take on powerful special interests in Sacramento, and he's tenacious enough to win." (2/27/04)
  • "Simitian has stayed in touch... he listens to constituents." (2/27/04)
  • "Simitian makes decisions based on the merits of an issue... We like his independent streak." (2/27/04)
  • "Simitian...has built an impressive record..." (10/22/02)
  • "(Simitian) has pursued a balanced approach to business and the environment..." (10/22/02)
  • "Communicating with constituents is a strength for Simitian." (10/22/02)
  • "Simitian...has done an impressive job..." (10/22/02)
  • "Simitian has remained accessible to his constituents, successfully balanced business issues with quality-of-life issues, and shown an independent streak." (10/22/02)
  • "(H)e’s detail-oriented. He’s always prepared. He gets energized about the important subjects…He strives to balance budgets and save tax dollars." (11/2/00)
  • "Simitian... governs from the middle. He listens to both sides and then isn't afraid to make tough decisions." (11/2/00)


  • "...the man's responsiveness is incredible... Simitian has shown energy and commitment to getting things done." (10/13/04)
  • "Thumbs-up: To our Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors Representative Joe Simitian...who's producing tangible results." (12/10/14)
  • "Joe Simitian has distinguished himself as a hard worker and a task-oriented politician who established a stellar track record and received almost universal praise... We feel good about Joe Simitian – unlike some politicians, he rolls up his sleeves and gets to work." (10/18/00)
  • "Continually accountable…" (2/23/00)
  • "Simitian is…capable, knowledgeable and highly intelligent." (3/20/96)

MV Voice

  • "Simitian...has become a popular and successful politician in part through making himself accessible to his local constituents even as he has risen to statewide office. Recently Simitian has begun conducting ‘sidewalk office hours,’ sessions in which he sets up a table at a public place and talks politics with whomever approaches him." (10/5/01)
  • "...outstanding service to the local community, great influence and respect among (his) colleagues and a commitment to bipartisanship... He's incisive, innovative and a quick study... (with) strong leadership, problem-solving and communication skills." (11/1/00)
  • "During his tenure as a school board member and city councilman, Simitian demonstrated repeatedly that he is no spendthrift." (3/21/97)
  • "Simitian... thrives on grabbing a hold of and finding solutions to... bureaucratic snafus..." (3/19/97)
  • "Simitian... has pushed for audits that resulted in millions of dollars of savings for both the city and school district. Simitian has also fought to preserve open space and protect San Francisco Bay wetlands. And he has shown sensitivity to the needs of business... But it is Simitian's keen ability to grasp complicated issues and articulate clear, thoughtful responses that we think make him the better candidate..." (11/1/96)
  • "Knowledgeable and committed... Simitian has served... with great effectiveness..." (11/1/95)
  • "Joe Simitian... has paid his dues." (11/12/83)


  • "The right of low-income families to a good education has long been close to Simitian's heart." (11/11/15)
  • "One of the broadest pushes to reel in America's surveillance state isn't in Congress, the White House or a courtroom; arguably it's in Joe Simitian's office in California's Santa Clara County government building." (2/5/16)


  • ". . . a damn good legislator. . ." (5/16/12)
  • "North Santa Cruz County couldn’t ask for a better representative than four-year Sacramento veteran Joe Simitian. A champion of education, he’s also a supporter of green energy initiatives and state parks. He’s also proven willing to buck his party’s leadership – and paid the consequences. We need Simitian’s integrity and commitment to schools and the environment." (10/22/08)
  • "Simitian... is clearly one of the valley’s brightest and most articulate public officials... he’ll make a fine addition to the Legislature..." (10/26/00)
  • "Simitian has a keen grasp of the issues..." (10/31/96)


  • "No matter how long he’s been in office, he does not seem to have succumbed to the tenor of most politicians. He’s still approachable, still works for his constituents and does not seem to have forgotten his roots." (12/22/10)


  • ". . . eloquent . . ." (7/11/12)
  • "Sen. Joe Simitian (D-Palo Alto) is a smart legislator..." (10/4/06)
  • "Simitian has an eminently sensible approach." (7/13/05)


  • "...suspiciously sensible for a lawmaker." (5/29/05)


  • "Simitian has a reputation as a heavy hitter in the Capitol on renewable energy and environmental protections . . ." (12/22/11)
  • ". . .gets an "A" for effort. In fact, he might even be the post-term limits Legislature’s perspicacity poster child." (6/9/11)
  • "Joe Simitian. The last of the great ones. He works hard on big issues, he understands what’s in his bills, and he can throw a political elbow when needed." (7/16/09)
  • "Joe Simitian. The last of the great ones. He works hard on big issues, he understands what’s in his bills, and he can throw a political elbow when needed." (7/16/09)
  • "A champion for funding state parks." (7/26/07)
  • "One of the Legislature's half dozen 'most effective' members." (9/14/06)
  • "Simitian genuinely values bipartisanship and thoughtful public policy…" (2/19/01)


  • "...a strong reputation in the areas of education and the environment..." (10/13/04)
  • "He's a staunch defender of the environment, a champion of education. He is known for reaching out to his constituents, and for working effectively with his colleagues in Sacramento to push legislation important to Midpeninsula and Coastside residents." (2/18/04)
  • "[O]ne of the most effective and forward-looking legislators in Sacramento... Mr. Simitian has consistently performed at the highest level." (2/18/04)
  • "His frequent and well-publicized sidewalk office hours, as well as the popular 'There oughta be a law' campaign, have made state government more accessible than ever before at the grass-roots level." (2/18/04)
  • "It is no surprise that Palo Alto Democrat Joe Simitian has become one of the most successful freshman legislators in Sacramento...and it did not take long for his thorough and thoughtful approach to problem solving to make him a valued representative in the State Legislature." (10/30/02)
  • "Simitian...has shown he has the leadership skills to succeed…" (10/25/00)


  • "New lawmakers should take a page from former state Sen. Joe Simitian, D-Palo Alto, who actively and sincerely solicited legislative proposals from people in his district. Too many lawmakers get to Sacramento and forget whom they are serving." (12/04/12)
  • ". . . unusual courage. . ." (4/20/12)
  • ". . . the Legislature’s most prolific author of bills that seek to provide at least a thin veil of privacy." (8/8/10)
  • "Capable..." (6/28/05)


  • "Simitian... has proven himself to be an effective an independent-minded leader at virtually every level of local and state government." (10/21/04)
  • "Simitian has shown his independence and forward thinking since he was first elected... he [has] earned a reputation as a maverick for rejecting conventional thinking and pushing for budgetary reforms..." (2/26/04)
  • "Simitian, a Democrat, is one of the Bay Area's most productive legislators..." (10/19/02)
  • "Also noteworthy about Simitian is how well he communicates with his constituents." 
  • "Simitian…shows political adroitness, a desire to make government work well and a thoughtful approach to regional concerns." (10/22/91)


  • ". . . tenacious. . ." (7/2/08)
  • "Simitian has been an effective legislator who keeps his head in the district... he has established himself as a leader on education, the environment and the budget." (10/28/04)
  • "...experienced, credible and smart... a strong, effective leader with his mind on the people he serves." (2/24/04)
  • "Simitian has been an effective legislator who keeps his head in the district." (2/24/04)
  • "Simitian has... [the] will and know-how to get things done... he has established himself as a leader on education, the environment and the budget." (2/24/04)
  • "He is forever an advocate for public schools." (10/15/01)


  • "Give state Sen. Joe Simitian credit – if he believes in an issue, he won’t give up, no matter the legislative hurdles." (4/25/12)
  • ". . . Simitian – one of the most effective legislators in California . . ." (3/9/12)
  • "A clear, effective and innovative thinker who can work on a bipartisan basis..." (2/26/04)


  • “...a real problem solver.” (5/15/22)
  • “...persistent, positive and demonstrated real leadership.” (5/22/17)
  • “It’s . . . regrettable that term limits will force Simitian to leave the state Senate this fall.” (7/9/12)


  • "...outstanding... among the top assembly members to serve in the Legislature." "[A] spotless record of advocacy for environmental causes. On education... among the leaders promoting funding and higher standards of achievement." The Examiner (2/23/04)
  • "We are impressed with Simitian's knowledge of local issues and his enthusiastic response to local problems." (9/24/03)
  • "(Simitian) works well with his colleagues on the other side of the aisle." (9/18/03)

oakland-tribune (1)

  • "…one of the most thoughtful members of the Legislature…" (7/5/12)

stanford-daily (1)

  • "...a strong and reliable voice for his constituents." (11/04/02)
  • "He is devoted to education..." (11/04/02)
  • "...has shown a commitment to issues facing the Stanford community." (11/04/02)


  • "We applaud Simitian for standing up to the lobbyists in Sacramento..." (12/07/12)
  • "We like Simitian's program of asking constituents to come up with legislative ideas which he can introduce in Sacramento." (1/10/04)
  • "Simitian keeps on fighting bravely for bills that make lobbyists cringe." (12/07/02)
  • "What we like about Assemblyman Joe Simitian is that he simply has the courage of his convictions." (12/07/02)
  • "Simitian's impressive record is one of the best in Sacramento." (10/01/02)
  • "We have been impressed with Simitian's commitment to so many issues and his impressive constituent service." (10/01/02)
  • "We have been tremendously impressed with Joe Simitian. We believe he is one of the best representatives in Sacramento. His energy level is indefatigable and his intelligence irrefutable." (10/01/02)
  • "Simitian is the right person to lead the charge for privacy rights in the Assembly…" (6/2/01)
  • "Simitian…has a reputation as a problem solver and a leader." (10/25/00)


  • "He’s not your average Joe." (December 2000)
  • "Simitian is assured a seat in the Assembly, where he can continue his crusade to clean up the environment, expand health care access to low-income children and increase affordable housing." (October 2000)


  • "Intelligent and articulate…a major contributor…well versed in regional concerns." (9/22/91)
  • "Forward-looking and articulate…high-caliber leadership…" (10/21/87)
  • "An exceptional record of volunteer service…" (10/31/83)


  • "(Simitian) has a reputation for action." (12/13/00)


  •  "One of 'the power 100' in Silicon Valley." (7/2004)